We have several books and products for publishing and licensing all connected with promoting and teaching healthy eating habits to babies through to pre-school age children. We have used the charismatic artwork from our award winning show to create board books for babies, cds, clothing and food for young children. Fun inspirational products to encourage young children to choose healthier options and lifestyles. Also, crazy Games package for promoting sports to older school children and families.


Let's Learn Fruit & Veggies Board books for babies and toddlers: featuring our fun fruit and vegetable characters with basic text.

Little Growers Baby & Toddler Clothing featuring the charismatic artwork from the books and show.

Chef Maurice's Kitchen Song Book and CD, plus cut out masks of all the fruit and vegetable and Chef Maurice characters for children to dress up and use during play. Features the singing voice of actor Graham Cole on the cd.

Let's Get Fit4Life CD: Featuring all the characters from the show singing 10 original songs with lots of fun food facts.

Gary the Gardener: Growing Towards a Better Future Book and CD featuring the theme song from Gary's Show.

Gary the Gardener: Series of small story books featuring Gary and all his garden characters: Leaky the Watering Can/Wonky the Wheelbarrow/Sally Sparrow/FreddieFork/Sam the Shovel/Harry Hoe/Reggie Rabbit.

Gary the Gardener: Full live stage show and a separate six episode Children's tv series.

Silly4Sports Games Pack: Features crazy items and zany fun music to encourage playing games and sports both for schools and families.



The actor, Graham Cole, formerly PC Tony Stamp from ITV's 'The Bill' has come on board with the project and has recorded the song which Graham says is a subject very close to his heart as he didn't like eating vegetables when he was young! He thinks the book will encourage generations of young children to see fruit and vegetables in a fun and tasty way.

The book and song are ideally suited for age up to  5 years and perfect for pre-schools, parents and carers. The book is twelve pages plus the covers. There is an option to include extra pages with cut out masks and finger puppets of the characters to enhance the learning experience with more interaction.

Each page features a different fruit or vegetable with it's own fun lyrics plus the chorus is sung each time, so it is very easy for young children to learn the song. We are currently seeking a publisher and this website is intended to supplement our online and paper submissions.

To hear a sample of the song, please click on the MP3 link below.

Short clip - mp3.mp3